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AT Computing - The Company

AT Computing operates within the fields of professional training and consultancy. Being Open Source pioneers since the beginning, the professionals at AT Computing have developed a pragmatic "best-of-both-worlds" approach to IT projects, seamlessly integrating closed source solutions with open source.

We develop and teach professional courses for system administrators, software developers and network administrators, and for those who want to grow to professional excellence in these areas. Courses start at an elementary level, and extend to a top level which is unsurpassed in the Netherlands. A limited subset of our courses is available in English.

AT Computing is unique in the sense that it has no liaisons with any hardware or software vendors. Our professionals can help you combine business sense with a profound knowledge of IT to achieve a cost-effective solution at all times.

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The Linux Professional Institute officially certified AT Computing as the first 'LPI Approved Training Partner' for the Dutch Language. As an independent company, AT Computing develops its own material to a unique standard that made us the Linux/UNIX training leader in the Dutch market.

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